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hd grapple camera system

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Crystal Clear Visibility

Introducing the new Falcon HD Grapple Camera System, providing your hauler operator with the best view possible of the hillside - now in HD! Reduce risk, increase accuracy and boost efficiency! 

Improved safety and efficeincy

Group 225
1080 full HD

Full high definition (HD) camera gives you a super sharp view of your remote work site. Increase your grapple claw accuracy and productivity.

Group 223
100° field of view

Get visibility over the whole area you are operating in.

Group 206
Up to 1km range

A long transmitting range and zero latency signal keeps your crew well clear of the danger zone.

Group 207
Robust housing

The high tensile steel housing is extemely durable and reliable in rugged logging conditions.

Group 210
Extended battery life

Two batteries provide up to 20hrs of continuous battery life. Optional in-hauler charger, or just plug into the socket at home.

Group 212
low light visibility

Operate in any weather conditions, day and night, including low light and poor visibility.

Falcon HD Grapple Camera System

haul wood in real time

With over two years of research and development and real-world testing, the Falcon HD Grapple Camera System is ready to haul wood!

Watch as Nippy, from Mechanised Cable Harvesting in Nelson, haul wood using the new system. 

A clearer image on the screen reduces squinting, resulting in a reduction of operator fatigue and helps operators, like Nippy, make good decisions, quicker.

Improve efficiency and save money

The clearer screen view of the the Falcon Grapple Cam HD improves the accuracy of the grapple claws, allowing you to haul more wood.

You can work in any weather condition – low light, night or poor visibility – and add more hours of productivity in the day.

The Falcon Grapple Cam HD reduces the number of staff on the ground which results in reduced staff and compliance costs.

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In loggers’ words

Its really crystal clear. I used to see the twigs and branches now I can see the pine needles. It gets the guy off the hill and it makes it a hell of a lot more efficient, now we can work more hours in the day.

Nathan Taylor
Group 187
Group 188-2
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  • Dimensions
    300mm x 380mm x 210mm
  • Definition
    1080 full HD, excellent low light visibility
  • Field of view
    100 degrees
  • Range
    Up to 1000m (line of sight)
  • Battery
    10Ah 14.4V battery
    Up to 20hrs continuous battery life
  • Signal
    Multi aerial design for signal robustness
    Zero latency
    5.8GHz transmission
  • Housing
    High tensile bis 80 steel
    10mm Marguard
    IP67 rated components
    Fully vibration isolated internals
    Removable internal assembly for easy servicing
  • Mounting
    LH and RH mounting capability
    Fully adjustable camera position (tool included)
  • On screen display
    Distance, signal strength
  • Camera Lens
    Replaceable 3mm sapphire camera lens